My name is Jamie Gracie and I’m a Dev Ops Analyst born and bred in New Zealand. I am very interested and passionate about the world wide web and this blog will note the journey that I take into all things development.

I have been involved the dev scene and have done some form of development for well over 10 years. I’m most knowledgeable in PHP and C# although I have played around with and done a bit of work with ASP.NET, Python, Java and the majority of front end web languages and SQL servers (and many more).

I first found programming in the early 00s when I discovered mIRC and MSN Chat (anyone else remember those days!) and slowly learnt the art of making addons and scripts within mIRC itself. Ever since then I’ve tried my hand at a lot and learnt a ton along the way.

Outside of development I do like to play the odd game. FPS and Sports are my games of choice and you’ll more than likely find me playing a bit of CSS or Fifa the majority of the time. I also enjoy my sport. Football, Rugby and Cricket are my passions and most weekends you’ll usually find me watching at least one of these (more than likely a few).

I am on twitter so follow me @JAGracie
Also feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn

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