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Build a quadcopter (Part 3) – Preparing the quadcopter

Preparing the Quadcopter Welcome back to this third installment on how to build a quadcopter. If you haven’t already check out part 1 (the parts) and part 2 (the build) to get up to speed and then read on to start preparing the quadcopter for it’s first flight. KK2.0 Motor Layout The first thing we […]


Build a quadcopter (Part 2) – The build

So if you managed to order all the correct parts (as noted in build a quadcopter part 1) and also managed to sit around waiting for them to arrive, we can now move on and build a quadcopter. Frame The first thing I suggest you do is put the frame together. It’s relatively straight forward and […]


Build a quadcopter (Part 1) – The parts

It has been a while since my last post and I’m going to step away from Web development for this next series and teach you all how to build a quadcopter. This is something that has interested me for a while now and I decided to jump right into the deep end and go ahead […]

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