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Migrating email to google apps

After months of servicing an email account which kept requiring me to delete emails to free up space I finally decided to make the switch to Google Apps and take advantage of GMail and apps for businesses. The setup process of Google Apps was very straight forward however the process of migrating email from one […]

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If you accept email, Use it!

One of the many things that bothers me in this day and age is the amount of businesses/services/individuals who accept email as a form of contact yet completely ignore or delay using it. 9 times out of 10 any website that you visit will have a contact section in some shape or form that will […]

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Companies who release iOS apps before Android are frustrating

This is one problem that has just started affecting me recently. I’m starting to find that a lot of companies these days when releasing Mobile Apps are coming out with their iOS version weeks sometimes months before their Android version. Case in point. The recent success of Grand Theft Auto V is known to all, […]

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Build a quadcopter (Part 3) – Preparing the quadcopter

Preparing the Quadcopter Welcome back to this third installment on how to build a quadcopter. If you haven’t already check out part 1 (the parts) and part 2 (the build) to get up to speed and then read on to start preparing the quadcopter for it’s first flight. KK2.0 Motor Layout The first thing we […]


Build a quadcopter (Part 2) – The build

So if you managed to order all the correct parts (as noted in build a quadcopter part 1) and also managed to sit around waiting for them to arrive, we can now move on and build a quadcopter. Frame The first thing I suggest you do is put the frame together. It’s relatively straight forward and […]


Build a quadcopter (Part 1) – The parts

It has been a while since my last post and I’m going to step away from Web development for this next series and teach you all how to build a quadcopter. This is something that has interested me for a while now and I decided to jump right into the deep end and go ahead […]

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Sending messages to an Eggdrop via PHP

So if you frequent IRC often like I do, you may notice some eggdrop bots displaying messages which come from a website. The most common times you will see this sort of script in action is when they are hooked into forum posts or torrent listings. You will more than likely have seen messages saying […]

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The dev hour begins

The first few years of my working life has seen me fall slightly behind in the world of web development so I’m taking the time to get a blog together to write down my findings and any interesting little tidbits (/titbits) I find along the way.   Bare with me as I try to catch […]